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Mon Feb 28 00:23:37 PST 2005

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> Steve Crosby wrote:
>| Kevin Lyles <kevinlyles at> wrote in news:4222869E.30604
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>|>Hello all,
>|>I get an error from e2fsck every time I boot into my (brand new) LFS
>|>     Mounting root file system in read-only mode             [  OK  ]
>|>     Checking file systems...
>|>     fsck.ext3: Filesystem has unsupported feature(s) (/dev/hda7)
>|>     e2fsck: Get a newer version of e2fsck!
>|>     File system errors were encountered that couldn't be
>|>     fixed automatically.  This system cannot continue to boot
>| <snip>
>|>As far as I can tell, the version of e2fsck on the LFS partition and
>|>on my FC3 partition (which was the host for the LFS build) are
>|>identical; 1.35.  I can mount, unmount, and run e2fsck on /dev/hda7
>|>from FC3 and the rescued CD I have without problems or errors
>|>detected.  I used nALFS 
>| Although FC3 reports the version as 1.35, they have actually applied
>| some patches that add new functionality not supported by the stock
>| LFS e2fsprogs. The *safest* way to fix this is to update your LFS
>| parition to e2fsprogs 1.36, which has the FC3 extensions included.

<snip top post and PGP>
> I figured it'd be something like that.  So, should I compile that
> while booting from my rescue disk, and just chroot into my LFS
> partition? 
> Kevin

either a rescue disk or your host - chroot and build e2fsprogs, and you 
should be good to go.

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Steve Crosby

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