Can we discuss about Kernel support USB storages device? Thanks.

Bluesheet bluesheet at
Sun Feb 27 18:51:27 PST 2005

Dear Joern and all, thanks for your comment and disscussion.

for my case, I check all the USB modules was load correctly and scsi modules
also correct, but when I plug the USB drive on the system, the system can't
detect the USB drive and the system with no action about new USB drive, I
think this is the hotplug problem. but when I check again, it can detect all
the USB mouse and USB keyboard, just only USB storage can't detect, so I
want to know what's wrong with it. can anyone have this problem before?

"Joern Abatz" <for-spam-only at> wrote in message
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> On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 09:37:40 +0800, Bluesheet wrote:
> > During building the kernel, I found there have two situation failed in
> > USB drive/USB flash disk.
> > 1/ Plug-in the USB drive/USB flash disk, the system didn't detect the
> > device, so using "lsmod", didn't load usb-storage module.
> > 2/ Plug-in the USB drive/USB flash disk, the system can detect the
> > using "lsmod", usb-storage loaded into system, but when I mount the usb
> > device, it occure " mount: /dev/sda1 is not a valid block device".
> >
> > and loaded modules when the system being started.
> >  Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted
> > ...
> > usb-uhci                26348     0  (unused)
> > ehci-hcd                20200     0  (unused)
> > usbcore                 76288     1  [hid usb-uhci ehci-hcd]
> > ext3                      72964     2
> > jbd                       59288     2  [ext3]
> Maybe there's a module missing for the file system on the USB disk. Maybe
> it's vfat. And maybe, there are no partitions on it, so you can only mount
> /dev/sda, not /dev/sda1.
> I guess, as those USB modules are already loaded, a USB stick should
> appear in /proc somewhere when you plug it in (/proc/bus/usb...?). Does
> As far as I know, there are three ways to access the USB device then:
> - load the modules manually (with modprobe)
> - have them loaded automatically by the kernel
> - have them loaded automatically by a daemon
> For a storage device you need some USB modules and also some SCSI modules.
> Look into Documentation/scsi and Documentation/usb in the kernel source
> tree to find out what modules you need. Read the scsi.txt and
> scsi-generic.txt, they cleared things up a bit to me.
> I used USB only once yet, so I'm not the big expert here. I think you need
> usb-storage, sd, and vfat. Maybe you need sg too, I don't know.
> To make the kernel load modules automatically, you need 'alias' lines in
> /etc/modules.conf (there's a man page for modules.conf).
> I think the easiest way to access USB devices is a daemon like usbmgr or
> hotplug.
> Joern
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