Paul someone at nowhere.org
Sun Feb 27 09:10:56 PST 2005


I've just finished building LFS 6.0 and have added an "ordinary" user and 
the default profile.

Just as I did for LFS 5.0, I then wanted to edit login.defs so that the 
ordinary user can log in without a password.  I am the only user of my PC 
so it seems to me that entering the password is just a waste of time.  
And I don't use shadow or PAM.

However, the login.defs file installed with LFS 6.0 no longer has the 
(commented-out) NO_PASSWORD_CONSOLE line.  And when I add it anyway, I 
ger an error message at log in: parameter not defined.

Is this a bug or a feature?  Can I patch login to let me log in without a 
password as ordinary user?

When I wanted to build LFS 6.0, I installed Ubuntu as the host system 
since none of my other Linux builds had kernel 2.6.  And, with Ubuntu, I 
have a user password and I haven't tried to modify the login.defs file (I 
have no idea what this might do in a Debian-like system).  But in Ubuntu 
I can say "sudo su" and I become root without entering either my user 
password or the root password!  I think that if I understood this I would 
understand Linux security better.


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