Compiling 2.6.10 kernel

Kenneth Howlin howlink at
Thu Feb 24 05:50:12 PST 2005

I may be writing to the wrong list but this post caught
my attention.

I recently completed LFS Book 6.0 using the
kernel compiled with loadable modules.
  As I had been warned, this might not have been a
  smart idea.  I have been unable to dynamically create
/dev nodes for my plugin devices like usb-storage,
usb camera and so on.

Yesterday I compiled the 2.6.10 kernel without directing
	/sbin/hotplug -> /sbin/true .
Now the device nodes are created dynamically.
When I plug in my usb-storage, "ls /dev" shows new
creation of /dev/sda and /dev/sda1, so I can
	"mount  /dev/sda1  /mnt/usb-storage"
and rw the files on this vfat-formatted device.
Same for the dcim files on the usb camera and so on.

I haven't seen any posts about this.
Everyone knows already?
I will provide more details if anyone interested.


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