File System Issues during bootup

Kenneth Howlin howlink at
Thu Feb 24 05:03:42 PST 2005

I had this problem. My host install is FC3 - LFS Book 6.0

I think that at some time in the past one of my fedora installations
had installed a logical volume manager, writing a part of a line in
grub.conf  something like "root=/Log00/Vol00"  or something like.
That entry is no longer there but when I tried boot my new lfskernel
on what had been that partition but now  reads a simple /dev/hda11,
I received the above message.

I could chroot into my new installation or
visit it using an FC3 rescue disk, but not boot it.

I tried many things but eventually only solved the problem by using
e2fsprogs-1.36 and compiling without the --disable-evms option.
Then, first boot -- Magic!
The e2fsprogs-1.36  Release Notes have some quite unkind things
  to say about fedora.


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