File System Issues during bootup

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Mon Feb 21 19:43:53 PST 2005

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> Steve Crosby wrote:
>> When creating the LFS partition, you may need to make some slight 
>> adjustments if your host system uses certain filesystem features that
>> won't be supported by LFS later on in the build process. To check if
>> this is the case, run the following command:
>>          tune2fs -l /dev/<yourLFSpartition> | grep features
> [snip]
>> If you have any other features listed, you'll need to remove them
>> from your new LFS partition before you proceed. This is done using
>> the following command:
>> tune2fs -O ^<feature1>,^<feature2> /dev/<yourLFSpartition>
>  From a standard ISO FC3 install, my ext2 partition had additional 
> [resize_inode] and [large_file] enabled. Unfortunately, the installed 
> tune2fs from FC3 refused to remove those features.
> Anybody else managed to do so? Other features could be removed by 
> tune2fs indicating for me the command syntax and executable were ok.
> Only solution I had was chroot into LFS, create a new partition and
> copy my LFS directories to this new partition. Edit /etc/fstab,
> /boot/grub etc etc by hand and reboot into this new partition. Worked
> like a charm, but might be a bit steep for first users.
> Groetjes,
> Vincent

Downloaded and checked e2fsprogs source from Fedora 3

yuck! The FC3 patches to add resize_inode don't add the capability to 
remove the feature, and enable it by default. sigh. Haven't looked for 
the large_file capability, since the fix below solves both.

<first attempted fix deleted>

Double yuck! Not only is resize_inode set as the default, it is ignoring 
the -O flag to mke2fs, so you can't even disable it if you want to...

This is very ugly, but does work (tested here with FC3 e2fsprogs)

echo "features -<featurename>" | debugfs -w -f- /dev/{xxx}

followed by an e2fsck to remove any resize_inode remnants from the actual 

for example, to remove large_file and resize_inode from /dev/sdc1

echo "features -resize_inode" | debugfs -w -f- /dev/sdc1
echo "features -large_file" | debugfs -w -f- /dev/sdc1
e2fsck -p /dev/sdc1

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Steve Crosby

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