File System Issues during bootup

Vincent tel7520 at
Mon Feb 21 16:57:34 PST 2005

Steve Crosby wrote:

> When creating the LFS partition, you may need to make some slight 
> adjustments if your host system uses certain filesystem features that 
> won't be supported by LFS later on in the build process. To check if this 
> is the case, run the following command:
>     	tune2fs -l /dev/<yourLFSpartition> | grep features


> If you have any other features listed, you'll need to remove them from 
> your new LFS partition before you proceed. This is done using the 
> following command:
> tune2fs -O ^<feature1>,^<feature2> /dev/<yourLFSpartition>

 From a standard ISO FC3 install, my ext2 partition had additional 
[resize_inode] and [large_file] enabled. Unfortunately, the installed 
tune2fs from FC3 refused to remove those features.

Anybody else managed to do so? Other features could be removed by 
tune2fs indicating for me the command syntax and executable were ok.

Only solution I had was chroot into LFS, create a new partition and copy 
my LFS directories to this new partition. Edit /etc/fstab, /boot/grub 
etc etc by hand and reboot into this new partition. Worked like a charm, 
but might be a bit steep for first users.


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