kernel panic :No init found.try passing INIT=option to kernel

Hendrik Wiese 7.e.Q at
Mon Feb 21 01:32:33 PST 2005

sunils at wrote:

>i am new bie to linux ,i made LFS-5.1 i want to make LIVE
>CD of lfs , so in that direction i follow algorithm and try to make cd but
>when it boot from CD ram0 is mounted as root file system but after it
>shows message :  kernel panic : No init found .try passing INIT=option to
>kernel and refuses to procede further.
>I searched in FAQ's but not able to find hint.
>My kernel is comipled with INITAL Ram disk support also, and int grub
>my enteries are
>kernel --no-mem-option /boot/kernelimage root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc
>initrd /boot/initrd.gz
>plz suggest me where i go wrong or  what to do in order to overcome the
>Thanx in advance.
I think, the parameter root=/dev/ram0 can be thrown away in this case. 
Try without it!

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