File System Issues during bootup

Phoe6 orsenthil at
Sun Feb 20 13:06:46 PST 2005

I have completed my compilation of LinuxFromScratch and when I booted
my lfs system, the following appeared during the boot:

Checking file systems...
fsck.ext2 : FileSystem has unsupported feature(s) /dev/hda4
e2fsck:Get a newer version of e2fsck!
File system errors were encountered that couldn't be fixed automatically. 
This system cannot continue to boot and therefore will be halted
untill those errors were fixed manually by a System  Administrator.   

I am little worried at this. This is the second time this error is
happening with my lfs.
The first time, this occured, I booted to host-system and executed
e2fsck on /dev/hda4 and made this error disappear. but I guess it had
spoiled the entire work and made lfs useless (there is thread on this
list about unable to chroot itself)

My Hostsystem is FedoraCore3 and I am using the same swap partition as
my host system.
What could be the reasons for this error ( repeated occuring as well)?
and How should I be resolving this carefully ( without spoiling the
work so far)?


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