Thu Feb 17 12:53:38 PST 2005

To all,
    In chapter 4.4 (version 6.0) it states,

"The LC_ALL variable controls the localization of certain programs, making their messages follow the conventions of a specified country. If the host system uses a version of Glibc older than 2.2.4, having LC_ALL set to something other than “POSIX” or “C” (during this chapter) may cause issues if you exit the chroot environment and wish to return later. Setting LC_ALL to “POSIX” or “C” (the two are equivalent) ensures that everything will work as expected in the chroot environment."

Am I right in presuming that the book is telling me, "Here you must 'compile' the temp system with LC_ALL so later on chroot will work."  I only mention this because when actually chrooting LC_ALL isn't mentioned at all.  And the sentence that reads, "may cause issues if you exit the chroot..." is mentioning chapter 6 correct?

The previous times I built lfs (version 5.1.1) I didn't think much of it even though its the same there.


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