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My source files are downloaded into $LFS/sources. The book tells me to make
directory outside the source directory like this:
mkdir ../binutils-build
What directory am I supposed to be in to execute this command? In other
what is the parent directory for this subdirectory?
Once this directory is created, am I then supposed to move the tarball of 
Binutils into this directory and do the tar operation there, which would
create another subdirectory called binutils- ?
Did I get this right, or did I misinterprete the instruction.
Throughout the book the notation ../somefilename is used. For a novice it is

difficult to keep track what the complete actual path for the file is.
Some help will be appreciated.
	You first untar the file in your source directory then while you are
in the binutils directory created by the untar, the mkdir ../binutils-build
creates the directory one level up from where you are. (the ../ is the key
here.  This takes you to the parent of where you are.)  The next command is
cd ../binutils-build (again notice the ../ that takes you to the parent)
which will put you in the correct directory for the build.  The next command
is the ../binutils- etc.... that again drops to the
parent directory then goes into the binutils-2.15... directory to run the
	I think some helpful reading at would get
you a good start.  

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