Installation of Binutils

John Wildberger wildberger at
Mon Feb 14 14:00:20 PST 2005

A good flame ware brings the best out of people :-)
Here is a short summary of what directories are used during the build process 
of the BinUtils:
First there is the directory into which you download the tarred file 
(xx.tar.bz2) . Call this the 'download directory'.
The unpacking generates a subdirectory that will contain the 'configure' file. 
This directory is now to be called the 'source directory'.
To avoid cluttering up this directory it is recommended to create a separate 
empty directory called 'binutils-build'. Fundamentally this directory could 
be under any other directory you might choose. But for efficient use of path 
references it is recommended to create it as a subdirectory of the 'download' 
The 'bin-util-build' directory is more generally called  the 'object 
directory'. In order to use a object directory that is different from the 
source directory you must have the GNU version of 'make' installed. Otherwise  
you will have to use the source directory for building.
After completion of the 'configure' and 'make' operation you do the ' make 
install' . This will copy the programs and any support files to the 
'installation directory'. In general, you should be 'root' to perform the 
'make install'. In the case of LFS it seems to work ok as user 'lfs'. (??).
The location of the 'installation directory' is controlled by the configure 
option --prefix. In our particular case this is --prefix="/tools".
For consistency reasons this directory should be created as a subdirectory of 
the 'download directory'.

So here you have it. 
Now you can continue with your good effort to flame me again. I might then be 
able to write you some more good things :-)


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