Panic (both kernel and me!)

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> [...]
> This shows that you don't understand how udev is working. Read the
> appropriate section from lfs-6.0 one more time. Also you should not use
> devfs, neither in kernel, nor on command line for kernel. 
> Important.  udev creates all devices anew at the kernel startup. First
> it mounts ramfs on /dev (thus hiding any devices you created before) and
> then it creates new devices based on the functionality available in the
> kernel.  If this process fails for any reason, then you end up without
> devices and nothing can be mounted.

Yes, you're right, thank you for showing me my error.

I've discovered an error in fstab. Instead of "sysfs" I wrote "sysf",
but the kernel still doesen't works.
In order to keep the sources of the kernel where I have problems,
I have changed the name of the directory of the sources,
and I've re-untarred the kernel itself.
After that I'v reconfigured the kernel and rebuilded all, and the new!

Now I'm doing some test, because there is something I don't understand.
It seems that the file system "sysfs" is always compiled into the kernel
(please correct me if I'm wrong).

But in the kernel that didn't work I had a voice about "sysfs" in the 
submenu "pseudo file systems" of the kernel configuration menu, and I 
could choose wether or not include the sysfs in my kernel.
When I use the newly untarred kernel, or after an mrproper, this voice
disappear, but the file system sysfs is always compiled into the kernel.
My suspect is that there was something broken in my old sources, but I
don't understand if the presence of the voice "sysfs" was important or not,
and what to do in order to make this voice appear. I don't want to disable
the sysfs, but only understand what was happened.

Why in the "broken" sources I had this voice and now in the working ones
there isn't anymore? Do I have to enable something in another menu?

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