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Ken Moffat ken at
Sun Feb 13 08:31:11 PST 2005

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005, maru wrote:

> How can you say that?  Isn't Gentoo a son of LFS, just automated, and
> with Portage?

 I thought it was an offspring of the BSDs, and building from source
with portage was its purpose.  The purpose of LFS is learning :)

> Just think of the heartache statements like that could cause Gentoo!
> Think before you
> say inconsiderate things like that. : )

 Heh, I'm in "grumpy old man mode" today.  But the gentoo *developers*
are as thick-skineed as the rest of us.

> ~Maru
> That still doesn't answer my USE question.  But mebbe it doesn't matter.

 Brutally, 'USE' is specific to portage (although if you like portage
you may want to look at the 'emerde' project).  As to the underlying
--fthis and -mthat flags, you will be aware from gentoo that some of
them can cause hard-to-debug problems.  I used to be an adherent of the
Church of -Os, but even that can cause problems.  If you have a specific
requirement (e.g. serve the maximum number of pages/second with apache),
lots of time to test different builds, and a meaningful test framework,
then you might gain a small benefit on modern hardware.  OTOH, you might
gain a lot *more* performance in that example by serving static pages
differently (from a second more-minimal version of apache, or from a
different server).

 Most of us run varied workloads, or have old hardware that doesn't
offer very many flags to tweak, or are unable to keep testing to get
reliable and meaningful data to prove that our favourite options really
make a difference.  People will willingly tell you their favourite
options, but many of them will be deluding themselves :-(

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