some bash patches for LFS 6.1 should also be in readline

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun Feb 13 07:50:03 PST 2005

Mason Oliver Dickson wrote:
> Do I pass this on to the people who develop LFS by posting it here, or is 
> there a different place to post this kind of information?

Well, it just so happens some of the editors read -support as well, but 
the better place would be to post to lfs-dev.

However, the readline patches are installed in 6.22.1 but only in the 
'unstable' version of the book at the moment (see 
  I'll be migrating that patch across to the 'testing' branch some time 
soon, so don't worry, it will be in there for LFS-6.1 (unless of course 
new versions of bash & readline come out before then)



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