Installation of Binutils

Ian Molton spyro at
Sat Feb 12 16:08:54 PST 2005

John Wildberger wrote:
> On Saturday 12 February 2005 03:27 pm, S. Anthony Sequeira wrote:
>>I do not see what TheOldFellow posted as a lecture.  Did you read the
>>URL he helpfully posted?  Did you notice the (respectfully) in his
>>His posting was polite and contained extremely useful advice, your reply
>>could be construed as rude.
> Maybe I should have used (respectfully) in my reply. For someone who writes 
> about etiquette a sentance like 'This question reveals quite a bit about you'
> seems a little bit out of place and somehow presumptious.  

Im not going to put a '(respectfully)' because it would probably look 
rude in its own right at this point but I would like to add:

People here are geeks, and sometimes not even local (there are other 
countries on this planet).

sure 'This question reveals quite a bit about you' is a bit of a funny 
way to state it, perhaps "It appears you are relatively new to the 
processes involved in building from source" but the tone of the post 
overall was neither condescending or rude in any other way.

> I read his URL , but did not get the answer to my questions.

Perhaps you would like to add some constructive criticisms of the 
document he referenced. It is intended to help people in your position, 
so your input would be potentially valuble.

 > In a forum like this I expect simple answers to simple questions.

Its probably best to bear in mind that here:

1) We're all volunteers
2) We may not have the time to hand-hold through every operation
3) We're all technically minded and as such expect people to be able
    to do some basic research on their own, including some trial and
    error type tests. (you have to accept that you may trash at least
    LFS installation before you build one successfully...)

> Your previous reply served this purpose  very well. Thanks for it.
> Also thanks to the others (including TheOldFellow)  for their help.

Thats more like it.

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