Installation of Binutils

TheOldFellow TheOldFellow at
Sat Feb 12 07:21:19 PST 2005

John Wildberger wrote:
> My source files are downloaded into $LFS/sources. The book tells me to make a 
> directory outside the source directory like this:
> mkdir ../binutils-build
> What directory am I supposed to be in to execute this command? In other words, 
> what is the parent directory for this subdirectory?
> Once this directory is created, am I then supposed to move the tarball of 
> Binutils into this directory and do the tar operation there, which would then 
> create another subdirectory called binutils- ?
> Did I get this right, or did I misinterprete the instruction.
> Throughout the book the notation ../somefilename is used. For a novice it is 
> difficult to keep track what the complete actual path for the file is.
> Some help will be appreciated.
> John

This question reveals quite a bit about you.  The LFS book is written 
for someone who has, at the very least, built some packages from source 
If you just follow the instructions slavishly, you are very likely to 
have lots of problems as you will need to make informed decisions.

Can I (respectfully) suggest that you read my hint on Essential 
Pre-Reading before you start into your LFS project.  It's in the Hints 
library, or online here:

Best wishes, and good luck,

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