After Complete Install; unable to boot. Informs to run e2fsck

Mason Oliver Dickson masonoliverdickson at
Fri Feb 11 18:54:06 PST 2005

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> Hi List,
>  I successfully completed all the steps in the book and when the moment
> of truth came, I faced the following problems.
> 1) Found that grub did not give me menu.1st, but instead provided me with
> grub> shell.

This is where you need to start, figuring out what's wrong with menu.1st. 
Either it's not where it's supposed to be, or there's a syntax error in it 
that's causing grub to drop into its command prompt.

Then it would be worthwhile compare your LFS fstab to your FC fstab, and 
make sure they agree with each other and with menu.1st.  Go into LFS with 
chroot and run the grub commands again -- and write them down this time, and 
check them against fstab and menu.1st.  If this procedure hasn't isolated 
the discrepancies, include the fstabs and menu.1st and grub commands in your 
next posting.

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