Panic (both kernel and me!)

Giulio Daprela gdaprela at
Fri Feb 11 16:28:52 PST 2005

Thank you for all your suggestions, but the situation remain the same.

I've compiled all the IDE drivers into the kernel. I have a controller
Promise PDC 20376 that with the old 2.4 kernel works well.

I've erased all the devices into the /dev directory and I have recreated
all with udevstart.

I've moved the boot directory into an ext2 partition and I've also changed
the line in the menu.lst so to have the root in the same partition, as

title lfs 6.0
kernel (hd1,6)/boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/hdb7 devfs=mount vga=792

hdb7 is formatted with an ext2 filesystem. I thought that if the problem was
the Reiserfs the kernel would have complained of the partition been empty,
not about root that could not be mounted, but the message is exactly the 
same as showed in my first mail, except for the name of the disk (hdb7 
instead of hdb3).

I don't know now what to try to make my system boot.
I'd really appreciate any other suggestion you would give me.

thank you
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