Installation of Binutils

Mason Oliver Dickson masonoliverdickson at
Fri Feb 11 16:16:08 PST 2005

"John Wildberger" <wildberger at> wrote in message 
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> My source files are downloaded into $LFS/sources. The book tells me to 
> make a
> directory outside the source directory like this:
> mkdir ../binutils-build
> What directory am I supposed to be in to execute this command? In other 
> words,
> what is the parent directory for this subdirectory?
> Once this directory is created, am I then supposed to move the tarball of
> Binutils into this directory and do the tar operation there, which would 
> then
> create another subdirectory called binutils- ?
> Did I get this right, or did I misinterprete the instruction.
> Throughout the book the notation ../somefilename is used. For a novice it 
> is
> difficult to keep track what the complete actual path for the file is.
> Some help will be appreciated.
> John

At the beginning of each page saying "Installation of...", it is assumed 
that you have downloaded and untarred the package into the /source 
directory, and then done a cd into the root directory of the untarred 
package (this is explained in section 5.1).  Thus

mkdir ../binutils-build

will create a new directory under /source.

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