Panic (both kernel and me!)

Greg Newton greg.newton at
Thu Feb 10 23:57:59 PST 2005

gdaprela at wrote:

>I hope this is a simple issue, but I can't find the solution.
>After having finished building a LFS 6.0 from a Mandrake 10.0
>I rebooted into my new system, and...this is the result:
>VFS: cannot open root device "hdb3" or unknown-block (3,71)
>please append a correct "root=" boot option
>Kernel panic: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (3,71)
Your Grub config & fstab looks OK - do you have drivers for your IDE 
controller compiled into the kernel? If you look at Mandrake's kernel 
config you'll find they (and presumably all other distros) compile in 
ALL known IDE controllers.


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