LFS for PowerPC

J. Greenlees jaqui at telus.net
Thu Feb 10 15:48:43 PST 2005

William wrote:
> My experience with LFS on my mac
> I use a powermac 6500 with a 603ev processor. It is a nice old world mac.
> I followed the book to a T except when it mentioned some stuff about PPC,
> and my linker for the specs changes was ld.so.1. May be different
> elsewhere, check that stuff. I used slackintosh to build on my old world
> mac and it did great. Took a week, but was fun. It's been ticking away as
> this: Linux cation 2.4.27-pre6 #3 Sun Aug 15 20:36:57 CDT 2004 ppc unknown
> unknown GNU/Linux
> 16:45:05 up 177 days,  2:45,  2 users,  load average: 3.00, 3.00, 3.00
> I used LFS 5.1.1 on it when I built it last summer. Built Xorg and some
> cool stuff, even had the sucker playing audio. Pretty cool. Put festival
> on there to make it talk to me. Anyways, copy the right headers and and
> build the kernel for PPC with the right options (hehe, it was sometimes a
> feat to get the right otions in the kernel for me) and you should be good
> to go. I have not dealt with new world macs. I hope they are easier
> to deal with. Open firmware and quik are fun to configure. Took me a few
> hours to figure it all out. If you need any help, come around here or in
> the IRC rooms and some PPC LFS'ers will be around, somewhere, out there........
> William

got any suggestions to help get an oldworld ppc g3 with no os to boot 
from a linux-ppc cdrom?
( my employer just got himself one, tried to update from 8.x to osx.2 ( 
last that will run )
it errored during install, bad disc.
now he wants to check a ppc linux os. I downloaded and burned mdk 10.1 
ppc for him but it won't boot from the cd.
and can't find the boot image for the ppc version to boot from floppy 
into the cdrom install

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