LFS 6.1 - Why?

Punkie Punkie at CyberPunksNation-NOSPAM.org
Wed Feb 9 18:19:15 PST 2005

Hi guys,

I noticed there's work in progress about LFS 6.1 already. I have just 
recently finished LFS 6.0 and I was wondering - Why this new version?

 From the change log I can see that some of the packages have been 
updated, but no other indication of what is different than 6.0 is made.

Would it be possible to include a... slightly more detailed Change Log? 
For example: "Changed the build instructions for make 3.80" (make 3.80 
appears in both LFS 6.0 and the development version of LFS 6.1 from 
2005-02-05). It would make more sense to me to find out if there has 
been a change to correct an issue which might eventually break my system 
in any way, read up on it and eventually apply to my LFS system instead 
of restarting my work or completely disregarding the 6.1 version.

For your information, LFS is my "production" system (I use it on my 
personal computer) so I don't try to stay up to date with absolutely 
every new release (of LFS or individual packages).

If there is a valid reason for the change log to be so spartan, please 
share it with me - and what I can do to view the changes that interest me.

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