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> > What I must to compile into kernel to get 1024x768x32(or 24) @ 85 Hz
> > framebuffer on my nVidia GeForce 2 ?
> > 
> > vga=ask on passed to kernel by grub doesn't shows any grafical
> > modes, but my monitor shows that 640x480 mode set up.
> For 2.6.10 kernel make menuconfig: Device Drivers -> Graphics support
> -> Check "Support for frame buffer devices", check "Vesa VGA graphics
> support", probably "NVidia Riva support", ->  Console display driver
> support, check "Video mode selection support", check "Frame buffer
> console support".

Hmm, I have disabled Riva support and support for my integrated adapter
and... all works! (Kernel
But refrash rate is 60 Hz :(. My eyes are red 8/
Can I set 85 Hz?

BTW, can I use acceleration on console with driver from

> Go back to Graphics support and then -> Logo
> configuration. Check everything there. The last step gives you the
> logo on boot up. But it's somewhat buggy/strange. The logo does not go
> away untill you switch virtual consoles one time :)

On my lfs, logo goes away after loading cyryllic console font.
So try to reload your console font.

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