David Dombroski davedom at
Mon Feb 7 14:13:54 PST 2005

B. wrote:
> Hello!
> What I must to compile into kernel to get 1024x768x32(or 24) @ 85 Hz
> framebuffer on my nVidia GeForce 2 ?
> vga=ask on passed to kernel by grub doesn't shows any grafical modes,
> but my monitor shows that 640x480 mode set up.
> Thanks.

I had this problem too.

To solve it, I booted from the LFS Live CD, mounted my main root 
partition and copied /proc/config.gz to /mnt/lfs/root.

I then rebooted my LFS, gunzipped the config, went to my kernel tree, 
started up the config and used the option to load a kernel config file :).

Then I just went about removing what I didn't want, not touching 
anything to do with the framebuffer :)

Hope this helps :)


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