Bootable CD of LFS using grub

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i have a similar problem. i actually tryes to create a livecd, but, when 
i start the machine, isolinux boot my kernel(with ramdisk & initrd 
support), but when the system tries to exec the linuxrc script, the 
kernel returns "attemp to kill init" and then hangs.
i appreciate any help whith this.


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sunil wrote:
> Hello,
>     I am using Fedora-Core-1 (Kernel-2.4.22) and using grub as Bootloader.
>     I have succesfully created my LFS using LFS-5.1.1. and made LFS on 
> CD using the lfs-hints for Bootable CD and also tried algorithm (How to 
> make LFS linux bootable CD) written by Gerard Beekmens attached herewith.
> but all of my five CD writting attempts were failed.
> I have followed every single instruction mentioned in the above stated 
> algos successfully without any error .According to the algo we have 
> successfully burnt the ISO image of the LFS , but while we used that CD 
> for booting , Nothing happened.
> CD contents were only the ISO image of the lfs system.
> Should there be some other files or directories also needed  along with 
> the above mentioned ISO image on the CD to make this CD bootable?
> I am a totally newbie as far as linux is concerned. I need to convert my 
> LFS system into a LIVE LFS linux CD or LFS Bootable CD.
> Please suggest me the Live LFS CD or Bootable LFS CD (Using grub) 
> procedure in details.
> Thanx in advance.
> Both algos used by me are attached.
> Regards
> Sunil
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