Printing using CUPS

Richard Molton richardmolton at
Mon Feb 7 06:33:40 PST 2005

I have a working LFS system built on a straightforward
Athlon2400-based machine. Gnome 2.8 is running.

CUPS has been installed but I cannot see how to configure it for my
two printers (which are connected via an LFS box acting as a print

Running (as root)     cupsd -c /etc/cups/cupsd.conf    gives an
error 'Child exited with status 98' : however, for some reason,
running this command with a -f suffix returns me to the # prompt. 

The CUPS man pages and FAQs mention the 'status 98' message as
probably due to a duplicated reference to Port631 in the cupsd.conf
file but I can find no instance of this. 

I have noticed that my wife's machine, running Suse9.1, which
prints without problems, returns the same 'child exited with status
98' message when I try to run cupsd, so I expect I am looking in
the wrong place for a solution. 

How do I tell my computer which printers it has?

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