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> Did everything as adviced above. The first two lines below are the
> last two lines of binutils-2.14.tar.bz2 unzipping. Then the pwd
> command was used to show the present directory path. After that
> followed all steps as adviced. All output is shared below. 
> I will check the given site again. I have been a Linux user for 1.5
> years now. I am missing something small but vital and hence the
> problems. 
> Sorry for any inconvenience.
> Vijay
> binutils-2.14/texinfo/texinfo.tex
> binutils-2.14/md5.sum
> lfs at 0[build]$ pwd
> /mnt/hdb7/build
> lfs at 0[build]$ cd binutils-2.14
> lfs at 0[binutils-2.14]$ mkdir ../binutils-build
> mkdir: Cannot create directory `../binutils-build': Permission denied

you have missed (at least) this step when creating the LFS user

Grant lfs full access to $LFS/tools by making lfs the directory owner: 

chown lfs $LFS/tools

If a separate working directory was created as suggested, give user lfs 
ownership of this directory: 

chown lfs $LFS/sources

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Steve Crosby

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