Starter Problem with Binutils.

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Sun Feb 6 15:46:25 PST 2005

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> Did everything as adviced above. The first two lines
> below are the last two lines of
> binutils-2.14.tar.bz2 unzipping. Then the pwd
> command was used to show the present directory path.
> After that followed all steps as adviced. All output
> is shared below.
> I will check the given site again. I have been a
> Linux user for 1.5 years now. I am missing something
> small but vital and hence the problems.
> Sorry for any inconvenience.
> Vijay
> binutils-2.14/texinfo/texinfo.tex
> binutils-2.14/md5.sum
> lfs at 0[build]$ pwd
> /mnt/hdb7/build
> lfs at 0[build]$ cd binutils-2.14
> lfs at 0[binutils-2.14]$ mkdir ../binutils-build
> mkdir: Cannot create directory `../binutils-build':
> Permission denied
> lfs at 0[binutils-2.14]$ sudo mkdir ../binutils-build
> lfs at 0[binutils-2.14]$ cd ../binutils-build
> lfs at 0[binutils-build]$ ../binutils-2.14/configure
> --prefix=/tools --disable-nls
> ../binutils-2.14/configure: line 422: ./config.log:
> Permission denied           lfs at 0[binutils-build]$ 
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You have a directory permissions error on your
/mnt/hdb7/build directory. This is fixed in the LFS
books. You missed a step, and it's a very simple step
too. I'm not sure where exactly it is, but it is a
chmod command. Go back through the book and look for
something that chnages permissions on your
source/build directory.

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