Starter Problem with Binutils.

thorsten fly_a320 at
Sun Feb 6 13:07:45 PST 2005

As I suggested earlier, make a fresh start, following the book 
exactly.if you however want to try to continue, I would suggest this:
become root
mkdir /mnt/hdb7/sources
rm -rf /mnt/hdb5/lfs-packages/binutils-2.14
cp /mnt/hdb5/lfs-packages/* /mnt/hdb7/sources
if you have the patches in a separate directory, also copy them to 
chown -R lfs:root /mnt/hdb7/sources

then some checks before you continue:

ls -l /tools
the output should be like:
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 14 2005-01-31 07:11 /tools -> /mnt/hdb7/tools
     if this link does not exist then do: ln -s /mnt/hdb7/tools /tools

ls -l /mnt/hdb7
should give you:
drwxr-xr-x  1 lfs  root 4096 2005-01-31 08:57 tools
drwxr-xr-x 30 lfs  root 4096 2005-01-31 08:58 sources
     important here is the owner lfs and tools is present.
     if not, do: mkdir /mnt/hdb7/tools && chown lfs /mnt/hdb7/tools

echo $LFS
should print:
     if not, do: export LFS=/mnt/hdb7

your setup for user lfs seems to be good, so do
su - lfs
and again, just to make sure within the user lfs environment:
echo $LFS
should give you: /mnt/hdb7

then continue with binutils 2.14-pass 1
the not mentioned preparations are:
cd /mnt/hdb7/sources
tar -xjf binutils-2.14.tar.bz2
cd binutils-2.14

then continue with the grey boxes, letter by letter. don't change a bit.
you do not need to sudo or become in any other way root at the moment, 
the reason is, you are going to build your programs within 
/mnt/hdb7/tools or sources in which user lfs has write permission.

Good luck

Thorsten Happel

> declare -x HOME="/home/lfs"
> declare -x LANG="C"
> declare -x LANGUAGE="us"
> declare -x LC_ALL="POSIX"
> declare -x LFS="/mnt/hdb7"
> declare -x OLDPWD="/home/lfs"
> declare -x PATH="/tools/bin:/bin:/usr/bin"
> declare -x PS1="\\[\\]\\u at ttyp0[\\W]\\\$\\[\\] "
> declare -x PWD="/mnt/hdb5/lfs-packages/binutils-2.14"
> declare -x SHLVL="1"
> declare -x TERM="xterm"
> lfs at ttyp0[binutils-2.14]$ pwd
> /mnt/hdb5/lfs-packages/binutils-2.14
> lfs at ttyp0[binutils-2.14]$
> Vijay

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