Starter Problem with Binutils.

Knoppix User knoppix at
Sun Feb 6 11:59:59 PST 2005

thorsten wrote:
> OK. Lets try to get a global view of your problem:
> Please post the output of this:
> whoami
> umask
> export
> pwd
> then change to your sources directory
> remove the binutils-build and binutils-2.14 directory with
> rm -rf binutils-build binutils-2.14
> then untar binutils again with
> tar -xjf or
> tar -xzf binutils-2.14.tar.XXX
> ls -l
> then we will look at the next steps
> Thorsten Happel

Global View as Requested:

lfs at ttyp0[binutils-2.14]$ whoami
lfs at ttyp0[binutils-2.14]$ umask
lfs at ttyp0[binutils-2.14]$ export
declare -x HOME="/home/lfs"
declare -x LANG="C"
declare -x LANGUAGE="us"
declare -x LC_ALL="POSIX"
declare -x LFS="/mnt/hdb7"
declare -x OLDPWD="/home/lfs"
declare -x PATH="/tools/bin:/bin:/usr/bin"
declare -x PS1="\\[\\]\\u at ttyp0[\\W]\\\$\\[\\] "
declare -x PWD="/mnt/hdb5/lfs-packages/binutils-2.14"
declare -x SHLVL="1"
declare -x TERM="xterm"
lfs at ttyp0[binutils-2.14]$ pwd
lfs at ttyp0[binutils-2.14]$


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