Installing grub to external USB hard drive for later use as internal hard drive

Charlie Law charlielaw at
Sat Feb 5 06:58:49 PST 2005

I've just finished building LFS on an external hard drive attached to  
my laptop via a USB port.

My system recognizes the external drive as /dev/uba. I have put LFS on  
the second partition of the drive, i.e., /dev/uba2 .

My question: I'm now ready to configure and install Grub, but I need to  
know how to set it up. One problem is that, after I finish getting  
everything ready, I'm going to pull out my currently installed internal  
hard drive and replace it with the one that I've built LFS on.

So, what is now /dev/uba will become /dev/hda.

In other words, what is presently an external USB hard drive will later  
become an internal hard drive.

I *don't* want to write grub to the MBA or any partition of my  
currently installed internal hard drive, as I use Lilo on that drive.  
Besides, that drive won't be installed when I try to boot into LFS.

Any ideas? I'm poised to finish this three-day task, but I don't want  
to blow it now!


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