System Accidentally Rebooted during GCC Installation

senthil at senthil at
Fri Feb 4 07:26:18 PST 2005

Hello List,
           I am following LFS-6.0 online version. I was in the process of
Installing the Basic System Software and I have followed all
the steps till  Chapter 6.14, which is installation GCC-3.4.1.

After the make -k check process completed, I started make install and
switched to a different system to work. At this instance (due to
some-reason) the system had restarted.

I was at the host-system login prompt once again!

How should I proceed from this point, so that I could restart with
GCC-3.4.1 installation and proceed with the rest.
I tried to login as root and begin from Chapter 6 and mounting file
systems; but could not chroot as /tools symlink was broken.

How should I proceed from this point?


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