binutils need yacc?

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Fri Feb 4 03:01:01 PST 2005

eugene wrote:

>problem when making binutils in Chapter 6, LFS 5.0
>for compiling `ar` it requires `yacc`, but no yacc installed in /tools.
>, 647:
>        $(SHELL) $(YLWRAP) "$(YACC)" $< $*.c $*.h -- $(AM_YFLAGS) $(YFLAGS)
>Is .y.c realy must be done?
LFS 5.0 is an old version of LFS, and the specified version of binutils 
for LFS 5.0 was 2.14 - you seem to have binutils-, which 
would be a HJ Lu release of the binutils CVS tree - so yes, this 
particular version does require you to install m4, bison, and flex as 
part of the chapter 5 build.  If you used the version specified in the 
5.0 book, you would not need them.

This type of question could have been answered by the FAQ, had you taken 
the time to check there first.


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