lfs 5.0 -> 6.0

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Feb 3 19:07:07 PST 2005

eugene wrote these words on 02/03/05 20:25 CST:

> I have built an lfs temporary ( /tools ) system, using lfs 5.0 book,
> chapter 5. But i want use a 2.6 kernel, and lfs 6.0. Do i need to
> rebuild /tools again, or it is safe to continue from this point?

I would definitely recommend against it. The purpose of building the
/tools system in Chapter 5 is so that the final system is created
using the same toolchain. Your way, the toolchain is vastly different.

It may work, but would be the same as if you simply skipped Chapter 5
altogether and just started in on Chapter 6 using your host system's
toolchain. You'd also need to ensure the kernel requirements are

Spend the extra couple of hours and rebuild chapter 5 using LFS-6.0.
You'll be glad you did, and you'll be able to get support from the
LFS community should you have any problems.

Building Chapter 6 LFS-6.0 from a chapter 5 LFS-5.0 toolchain is
something that I'd bet nobody else has attempted.


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