building LFS-6.0 from BootCD, some observations

akozlov at akozlov at
Thu Feb 3 08:51:16 PST 2005


just finished "reading" the book, lfs-6.0. Everything was smooth except
gcc tests and few flaws in the text I noticed. Here they are, if
anybody is interested:

- Sec.2.3: "swapon /dev/[yyy]" is missing; should be after "mkswap
/dev/[yyy]" command;

- Chap.4: if lfs bootcd is used, it would be helpful to recommend a
user to create the home directory for user lfs somewhere on a hard
drive partition and not on /home, which is on the ramdisk (isn't it?).
Then all the settings and changes can be stored at $HOME and used after
rebooting the system in the middle of the building process;

- Sec.5.4 (Note): there is no /usr/bin/time utility on a bootcd;

- Sec.6.14 GCC-3.4.1: g++ doesn't pass many tests complaining on

That's it. All in all, it was a delightful reading. I hope I will
continue playing with the system, both within and beyond LFS.


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