gunzip -c not working correctly?

Jim Gifford lfs at
Wed Feb 2 20:04:56 PST 2005

Stephan wrote:

>man gunzip tells me on my LFS 6.0:
> -c --stdout --to-stdout
>              Write output on standard output; keep original files
>              If  there  are  several  input  files,  the output consists of
>              sequence of independently compressed members. To  obtain
>              compression,  concatenate  all  input  files  before
>              them.
>there stands: keep original files  unchanged
>so i think it should behave so...
>or do i mis-understand the manpage?
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>Stephan wrote:
>>you dont understand the problem ;)
>Yes, he does.  You are mis-interpreting the function of the -c flag.  If
>you read the man page, then you'll see that the -c flag says nothing
>about leaving the file intact.
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