Compiling 2.6.10 kernel

Dienadel no at
Wed Feb 2 11:50:19 PST 2005


I made perfectly LFS stable.

The LFS book is explained with the kernel In the chapter 8.3 is
said to make this command:

sed -i 's@/sbin/hotplug@/bin/true@' kernel/kmod.c

Now, i'm upgrading to 2.6.10 kernel.

I'm asking me if that command must be executed in the 2.6.10 version of the

As i see in LFS unstable, is not needed, but i'm in doubt it that sed
command was necesary for the version, or by "something" generated
in the LFS stable, so, it must be executed in every version of the kernel.

Hope i've explained good.



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