Login program hanging

Jeff Knaggs jknaggs at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 00:09:40 PST 2005

I recently have built an LFS system but have trouble logging into it
if I use a password.

I built LFS from SVN around January 20th, although I've encountered
this problem in an LFS build I did a few months back as well so I'd
say I'm at fault for this.  This most notable divergence  is probably
not having built any kernel module or udev related software.  The
computer's hardware is quite static and mknod suits me fine for device
file creation.  There's the distinct possibility I missed the
installation of a configuration file though (the existing ones havn't
been modified much if at all except the whole sysinit deal I replaced
with a shell script).

Right now my /etc/passwd file looks more or less like so (important
stuff accurate):

And the shadow file looks like it should for that file.  If I log in
as root all goes as expected.  I type "root" at the "Login: " prompt,
press enter and am immediately given a shell.  This login appears in
the appropriate logs.  Now if I type in "user" at that prompt and
press enter naturally I am then prompted with "Password: ".  So, I
type in the password and press enter.  The problem is that when I, all
the cursor does is move down to the next line and stay there.  Running
top during this reveals the program that hangs is login.


If I type in the wrong password it behaves just as it should and tells
me a few seconds later and goes to "Login: ".

If I give root a password the same thing happens for root, this
happens for everyone who has a password or gets the "Password: "

Pressing CTRL-C will bring me back to the "Login: " prompt.

None of this shows up in any logs, only logins which succeeded for
lack of password.

I'm not sure what information would be helpful but I'll provide it. 
And no, I am not using this passwordless root account to use the
Internet right now.  This is a different computer and you're here to
help me.

And thanks a lot for that.

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