LFS6.1 - kernel 2.6 vs kernel 2.4

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Thu Aug 11 10:58:17 PDT 2005

Hallo all

Let me run this up the mast and see how it catches the breeze.

At the moment I have an LFS5.1 system on a 2.4 kernel. I want
to update this to something akin to LFS6.1 (or HLFS6.1) for reasons
of security,  but retain the 2.4 kernel for reasons of stability. 

Choices seem to be:
1/ update (or build again) the 5.1 system with various packages
updated (OpenSSL, zlib etc etc)
2/ build the 6.1 system but customise for a 2.4 kernel. This would
involve such things as: 
  a) kernel headers from 2.4
  b) building glibc for 2.4
  c) udev omitted
  d) NPTL may need tweaking
  e) others to be found ...

Obviously both choices break the books. The first choice ought to be
less problematic, but the second should be better if it were to prove

Has anyone been through a similar exercise? 

Would anyone have any advice to offer?


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