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Wed Jun 19 10:42:23 PDT 2002


i had the same trouble, i've read some confusing docs on the perl sites, it tends to says this error
message is everybody's fault but perl (glibc, blabla...) - and they give no real fix. mmn,, i like
facts: fact is that ONLY perl have trouble with my fr_FR at euro locale - A 2nd fact: i won't export
all my locales to C or posix just to "avoid" this message, which would make all my system speak
english (since french is now widely supported, it's great to use); then.... perl is crappy - end
of considerations. The "fix" that worked  for me was to write this in /etc/profile (or similar):

export PERL_BADLANG="0"

maybe this sucks, and is just a cosmetic concern - but this works; any cleaner (and simple to understand, please ;-) idea would be welcome anyway ;o)=

ps: i've heard that freeBSD guys  have removed perl frome their base system, they just had to recode a few
commands (in good old C) - one told me they achieved this in a few days...... i'm dreaming that one day it's possible
to do so with linux/LFS , and to make perl optional just like python or such.... well, i'm dreamer lol

ci at o+ 

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