glibc failed

Harvey darmfam at
Mon Jun 10 06:27:27 PDT 2002

Chris Lingard wrote:
 > Harvey wrote:
 >>I've managed to get everything installed up to glibc-2.2.5. When I
 >>attempt to install it, I got "version of gcc... ?? bad. I using the
 >>cvs package with gcc-3.1.
 > You have probably missed a package, probably grep.
 > Check thar package grep is installed correctly.
 > You can check that each package has put programs in static/bin;
 > and you can check that they are static cd ../sbin#using ldd.
 > ldd  grep
 > should say
 >  not a dynamic executable
 > Chris

Thanks for your response. I've located grep in
static/bin and ldd indicates that it is not a
dynamic executable.

I'm pretty sure I've got problems with the gcc
install. I've installed this package twice now.
The first time it went very smooth and took very
little time. The second time it kept hanging and
thus took forever.

The problem could be else where. I've printed the
book on a Brother 9600 MFC and it is a lazy,
undependable, dog of a machine. So its possible I
don't have a complete list of programs printed out.

If the problem is with the gcc install would you suggest I start over 
with a new installation or is it possible to install it after the 
partition has been mounted through chroot?

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