possible DoS in linux kernel

Dan Osterrath do3 at mail.inf.tu-dresden.de
Sun May 18 09:24:01 PDT 2003

There's an issue in the linux' IP routing handler that may result in a DoS 
attack. The problem is that someone can forge a specific IP address and send 
some packets to a linux host. The host queues these packets but put them all 
in the same queue as this is a hash table and all packets get the same hash 
value. If the queue gets full the kernel needs too much CPU cycles to clean 
up. I've read that 400 packets per second should be enough to bring a common 
workstation to the edge.
At the moment there's no exploit available.

%> ln -s /dev/null /dev/brain
%> ln -s /dev/urandom /dev/world
%> dd if=/dev/world of=/dev/brain
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