GNU FTP server compromised

Don Smith dss-lfs at
Thu Aug 14 11:03:15 PDT 2003

Lukas Gruber wrote:

> On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 12:47:18 -0400
> Jason Gurtz <jason at> wrote:
>>I wonder what ftp server they use.  For a time at least, I believe
>>they were using wuftpd :{
> proftpd says they are running proftpd.
> but i dont if this is correct.

Be careful not to confuse the ftp server *host* with the ftp server 
*program*. It was the host that was compromised through a local user 
login. The warning was just in case the cracker put a trojan horse into 
the packages on the server, which he appears to have not done.

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