[WAY-OT] strange text found - is this encrypted?

Tim Goodaire tim at momentumgroup.ca
Thu Oct 18 05:35:27 PDT 2001

Try http://www.pornolize.com. Not recommended for kids though. :)

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Joost Molenaar wrote:

> > This is a story either generated by a text generator, or written to be
> > funny.
> >
> > There are generators that can with grammatic correctness, generate a text
> > file using random words. So verbs and nouns and articles and adjectives,
> > etc etc are all in the right places, but the choice of words is gibberish,
> > or random.
> Here is a kewl one: http://dadadodo.laconic.co.nz/

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