[WAY-OT] strange text found - is this encrypted?

Menno Boer mboer at dds.nl
Wed Oct 17 06:39:05 PDT 2001

hmm isn't this some kind of text file to reak havoc on echelon and
derivates. ???

Menno Boer
"Lukas Gruber" <gruber at 3c.via.at> wrote in message
news:81BBE3117909D411AFA900A0C9B05472354982 at TERRA...
> hi list,
> this is a posting my brother found in a music(!)-newsgroup.
> because its really funny and interesting we tried to find out
> what it means - but have no idea yet. can anybody help?
> ---
> My balls itch
> Until Felix washs the PERLs partially, Francine won't burst any ugly
> websites. There, it engulfs a cable too dumb at her minor highway. He will
> believably relay near pathetic usable networks. Roberta, over keyholes
> extreme and bizarre, generates throughout it, busting quietly. Other
> strong newbies will compile halfheartedly alongside printers. They are
> interfacing against quiet, inside rough, in front of foolish pseudonyms.
> will you examine the sharp cosmetic opinions before Stephanie does? We
> the insecure advisor. She should push idiotic computers with the out of
> upper zone, whilst Francoise superbly collaborates them too. Don't try to
> learn a sattelite phone! Lately, modems obscure throughout major CERTs,
> unless they're fake. Many orthodox iterations are soft and other flat
> interfaces are outer, but will Francoise dream that? He'll be tolerating
> beneath secure Charlie until his fax machine propagates incredibly. Try
> dumping the data center's important terminal and Sam will kick you! It's
> very official today, I'll roll furiously or Liz will corrupt the noises.
> will we filter after Katya facilitates the retarded kiosk's bug? They are
> flowing to the sneaker now, won't infect connectors later. We produce
> then we angrily vexate Morris and Winifred's slow Usenet. Are you useless,
> mean, contributing in back of ignorant stacks? Endora posts once, reboots
> unbelievably, then saves within the monitor at the chameleon. Will you
> in front of the mail server, if Jim absolutely inflates the router? Never
> start hatefully while you're defeating inside a opaque diskette. Catherine
> will transport the wet newsgroup and authenticate it under its interface.
> You won't annoy me preparing under your overloaded FTP server. Almost no
> lower unique laptops will wickedly smile the BASICs. What Alvin's untamed
> firewall trains, Austin recycles beside lost, secret /dev/nulls. Why
> Rosalind consume strongly? The stupid zipdisk rarely reloads Tommy, it
> formats Francoise instead. Susie! You'll disrupt governments. Hey, I'll
> the toffee. I was killing to float you some of my weak basements. Many
> unclassified strange analysts simply delete as the huge protocols defile.
> be blank or chosen will twist chaotic ideas to admiringly connect. The
> UDPs, and MPEGs are all virulent and surreptitious. If you will crawl
> Martin's tape within backdoors, it will rigidly substantiate the backup.
> fraud was loud, tall, and vends in back of the hard disk. While black bags
> virtually interface cowboys, the interrupts often prioritize in front of
> bright outputs. Evelyn doesn't disconnect disgusting ActiveXs, do you
> exclude them? Marty proliferates the subroutine at hers and eventually
> pulls. Otherwise the mixmaster in Tim's gorilla might insulate some sticky
> inputs.
> ---
> --
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