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Wed Oct 10 14:05:59 PDT 2001

	You don't need historic LFS books to build around the 2.2 kernels.
Follow the book exactly and when you get to the two parts regarding the
kernel, you substitute the kernel...Its that easy...NOW if you didn't know
this, then you have to ask yourself if you know how to configure a kernel.
There are a lot of things that you need to configure into a kernel to get a
machine that boots. And as well, there is a LOT of stuff that SOUNDS like
you need it, but you don't.

Unix sockets...what do I need THAT for? Well you probably will need it if
you install a lot of software because there is software that requires
sockets. If you install the GNOME desktop and you want sound, you probably
will need sockets (esd and xmms both use unix sockets)...if you plan on
using samba or dhcp you'll also need sockets.

Advanced Router - Even if you are setting up a router, you probably want to
leave this tree of options alone (unless you really know what you are

Network Block Device -- You don't need has NOTHING to do with
samba or NFS. It is to create a /dev/nbd which gives you device level
access to a network has its uses, but hose uses are highly
specialized ... FORGET IT =))

Its that sort of thing.

Conglomeration is just a melting pot of packages that either will or are
considered for lfs-package. In that directory you can do ftp> ls lfs-* and
the one file you get is the one you want to get all the updated packages.
Its all you need unless you have a specific replacement in mind (i.e.
linux-2.2.19 + modutils-2.4.5)

The museum is just that...the only reason you would use old revisions of
the book is for historic education...For the same reason that a fellow
issued a bug report about the 0.1 linux kernel last week. (it was the 10th
birthday of linux).

Some people like playing with historical stuff, but IMO there is no need if
what you are trying to accomplish is stable system.

Use the NEWEST book, and pick whatever kernel you want....That's it. If you
do it right or wrong it won't matter, because you are now STUCK...and you
are in the LFS syndrome forever and LFS the earth, that's what
most of us are like now .... Muahahaha

Scot Mc Pherson
"Linux is a Journey not a Guided Tour" ~ Me

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