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Scot Mc Pherson behomet at
Tue Oct 9 15:32:12 PDT 2001

> > To solve this there should be some 'snapshots' of LFS
> > at certain points in time, that are available on
> > Correct me if I'm wrong, but I only saw 1 version of LFS
> > on the website, which is 3.0 using 2.4.8

Yes, you are correct in a sense. The releases can be considered
"mile-stone" releases if you will. There are those of us who have been
building LFS for a while who don't build the release verion anymore, but
build the latest (or latest most comfortable -- I have a few comfortable
CVS snapshots) CVS version of the book. This isn't CVS software, merely a
document that is in constant revision and improvement. The only way to reap
the benefit gained within the last few months is to use the cvs snapshot
which is available right along side the release.

As far as kernel selection. That is entirely up to you which kernel you
wish to use. The book suggests the 2.4.8 kernel because of the success
people have had getting it working the 1st time (save configuration issues
of course). I infact elect to use the older MOST stable kernels. My
favourite kernel being 2.2.19, and anxiously awaiting the release of 2.2.20
(yes 2.2 is still being maintained -- by Alan Cox).

> the kernel version is IMHO the least important thing on a LFS system. i,
> for myself, use allways the latest, stable kernel.

I agree. For me the latest most stable happens to be 2.2.19, the second
latest most stable is 2.0.39 

I'll wait for 2.4 kernel to catch up with itself. I was under the
impression that 2.4.10 was going to be a bug freeze release, but as I was
downloading it and talking to people who already had the opportunity that
morning to snatch it at release time. I learned how awefully buggy the 2.4
kernel still is. Alas...we'll wait Some more here. Our success with 2.2.19
is unshakable and doesn't deserve to be replaced at the earliest
opportunity. When the 2.4 kernel gets its act together we'll make the
switch on the boxes that can take advantage of its features.

Scot Mc Pherson
"Linux is a Journey not a Guided Tour" ~ Me

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