intrusion detection suggestion

Dave Anselmi anselmi at
Tue Oct 9 15:09:15 PDT 2001

Erik Janssens wrote:

> Is anyone looking to including LIDS ( ) into LFS ?
> This looks like an excellent security enhancement for LFS.
> Is was thinking about building a new kernel using LFS,
> including LIDS. But there is one problem:
> LFS uses 2.4.8. LIDS supports multiple kernel version,
> except 2.4.8 ( for now).
> To solve this there should be some 'snapshots' of LFS
> at certain points in time, that are available on
> the LFS site. So that someone that wants
> to use kernel 2.4.6, can go back to an earlier version of
> LFS, which had that kernel version.
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I only saw 1 version of LFS
> on the website, which is 3.0 using 2.4.8

You should feel free (IMHO) to replace your kernel with whatever is
useful.  I installed a debian system (2.2.19) and upgraded it to 2.4.9 and
then 2.4.10 with little effort.  Within 2.4.x, I don't think there are any
issues involved.  2.4.9 reportedly has virtual memory bugs that 2.4.10
fixed.  I don't know if those are in 2.4.8, but you may want to upgrade

This shouldn't be any harder than downloading the 2.4.10 (or whatever)
tarball, removing /usr/src/linux and following the book directions to
compile the kernel (including running lilo at the end).


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