[lfs-dev] Some files on the final system are now created during the temporary tools phase

Marcel van den Boer marcelvdboer at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 12:14:25 PDT 2020

Hi there,

I compared a completed system of SVN-20200721 with a backup of the
temporary system and found that a few files from the temporary system are
not reinstalled on the final system as a side effect of the new way of
building LFS.

(1) Gawk hardlink.
/usr/bin/gawk-5.1.0 is still pointing to the temporary version of the
software. 'make install' does not replace this file if it already exists.
Possible fix is to just remove the link before rebuilding, or patch the
Makefile to always overwrite it.

(2) Perl.
Lots of files are not reinstalled, but are kept from the chapter 7 build
instead. Not sure if these should be removed, if they should have been
rebuilt in chapter 8, or if Perl is aware of these files and does not
reinstall them if they are already present.

(3) Glibc header file (/usr/include/gnu/stubs-64.h).
Not sure about this one either. Could be that the build compares the
existing file and chooses not to overwrite it if it is unchanged. The other
5 files in the same directory (like 'lib-names-64.h' and 'stubs.h') are
re-created though.

(4) All Linux API Headers.
This is probably as intended in this new set up. But you may want to
clarify in the book that most (if not all) of these headers are kept on the
final system, even though they are installed during the cross/temporary
build phase.

(5) A few symlinks are now created way before chapter 8.
This is not an issue for most LFS builders. But it is good to know that
these are left out on your system if you only capture the files built in
chapter 8 for package management.
- /bin/sh
- /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2
- /lib64/ld-lsb-x86-64.so.3
- /usr/bin/awk
- /usr/bin/cc

I'm used to making package archives from the builds that are now in chapter
8, and if some files remain untouched in that phase, they are not captured
at all right now. So, if (2) and (3) are not bugs, then I may have to
change my capture mechanism to begin tracking files right from the start of
the build.

- Marcel
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